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So sad News…. Adi passed his way yesterday…..

Ein Freund und Mitstreiter….
Was er ist und was er war,
das wird uns erst beim Abschied klar.
Wir haben gestritten, gelacht und geweint
und trotzdem waren wir immer vereint. Vereint in der Musik.
Musik war sein Leben.
In tiefer Trauer nehmen wir Abschied von unserem
langjährigen Bassisten Adrian „Adi“ Cooper „.
Mach‘s gut Kumpel, Du spielst nun in der großen Band….
Karola, Torsten, Klaus, Stefan, Joachim, Reiner und Famile.

A friend and fellow combatant ….

What he is and what he was,
that will only become clear when we say goodbye.
We argued, laughed and cried
and yet, we were always a united. A united in music.
Music was his life.
In deep sorrow we bid farewell to our
longtime bassist Adrian „Adi“ Cooper.
Take care buddy, you play now in the biggest band ever….
Karola, Torsten, Klaus, Stefan, Joachim, Reiner and family.

5 thoughts on “So sad News…. Adi passed his way yesterday…..

  1. Our deepest condolences to all of you, our dear friends in Circle of Hands, and to all others who are missing Adi. He was a wonderful, fun & witty guy and a fantastic bass player.

    For us it has always been a great joy and pleasure to play together with you. Adi’s professionalism, positivity and humour has always been greatly appreciated by all of us. Adi is deeply missed here on the Finnish shores.

    The Innocent Victims

  2. So sad to hear that Adi has passed, I played drums in a band with him years ago (1978) on the US Forces circuit in Germany. Belated condolences to all.

  3. Nicht zu fassen, dass es demnächst schon ein Jahr her ist, dass Ihr mich mit dieser Nachricht geschockt habt. Adi war ein Unikat, unverwechselbar. Es war immer eine grosse Freude, ihm zuzuhören. Bei mir hiess er nur die Rampsensau. Es war mir eine Ehre, ihn kennenzulernen. Euer T-Shirt war ein Geschenk von ihm. Ich trage es oft und denke an ihn. Ich besuche Euch am 7.11. im Hirschen. Freue mich sehr darauf. Eure Diana aus Kreuznach

  4. Hi, sad to hear of Adi’s passing, he played bass for my brother Chris’s and my band back in the late sixties and early seventies, He learnt to play while in several bands we had back in the day. His pride & joy was his Gibson EBO Bass and Marshall stack. We played the Whiskey A Go Go and The Pink Flamingo in Wardour Street, London, as well as many venues throught the south of England… We also did the German GI camps in the early seventies where Adi met a lovely lady and decided stay in Germany instead of returning to the UK. God bless Adi, we sure had a lot of fun along a rocky road… perhaps we will all meet again one day for that great gig in the sky RIP. Dave Hawnt, Chris Hawnt

    1. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about my father. The lady you mention would have been my mother. It would have been his birthday yesterday (31.3.) so seeing these kind messages was really nice.

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